The Best Bits of Physics: Physics for the Layman

The Best Bits of Physics, popular science books written for the layman aka physics for dummies.

Physics is a hard subject. Everyone knows that. Tell someone that you are studying physics and they will be impressed. This will probably be followed by a comment along the lines of "I could never do physics at school". It is still one of the most demanding GCSEs and A-Levels.
The Best Bits of Physics is an attempt to serve up some of the best bits of physics. It should give you an understanding of the key concepts in modern physics. Along the way I hope you will be convinced that the heart of physics isn't all that hard after all. Perhaps you'll even be able to explain it to your friends and family...

"Shaw explains in easy to understand terminology ... By adding examples in real-world terms, complex ideas are defined in a fun way."
"I found The Best Bits of Physics by Alasdair C. Shaw enjoyable and a great comprehensive brush-up on key concepts."

This is the site for Alasdair C. Shaw's popular science books. He also writes revision guides, sample exam papers, homework question and other physics teaching resources. He even writes military science fiction.

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