Brief Outline

Archaeoroutes are a range of routes, mostly in wild places, which visit archaeological sites. They include pictures and descriptions of the sites as well as historical information.
They are available in a range of formats including paperback, Kindle and geotagged Viewranger routes.

How it all Started

When I did my Mountain Leader assessment I was unsure what to give my talk about. I had always been interested in flora, fauna, geology and archaeology so couldn't decide what to focus on. As it happened my first navigational leg of the expedition was through an area rich in Bronze Age structures. I pointed them out to the other candidates as we went along, explaining what they were and theories about why they were there. They were surprised at how much could be learnt from surface features.
Later on in my tent I started thinking that I could help more people appreciate landscape archaeology. Archaeoroutes was born! Initially I lead guided tours. Next I created sheets with walk instructions, photographs and information about the sites. Later I started loading the routes onto Viewranger so people could follow them on their GPS-enabled smartphones. The most recent development has been the publication of several books, each covering an area of the country.